Conceptualizing and Rethinking the Design of Cross-platform Creator Moderation


My doctoral research explores how content creators experience creator moderation across different platforms through mixed methods. Through qualitative methods such as semi-structured interview, my prior work has gained understanding of the socioeconomic implications of creator moderation on creators, the fairness and bureaucracy challenges creators face, and what transparency design requires to address these challenges. My proposed future work will first quantitatively identify what algorithmic moderation design affects creators’ perceived transparency, fairness, and accountability of creator moderation across different platforms. Then, I will co-design with creators and commercial moderators from different platforms to rethink what and how creator moderation can take creators’ interests into account. My dissertation aims to contribute to HCI and CSCW fields by conceptualizing the notion of creator moderation and detailing design considerations for empowering creators.

Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI ’23
Renkai Ma
Renkai Ma
Mixed-methods HCI Researcher

I use human‑centered desgin approaches and mixed methods to study platform moderation with users, moderators, and policy experts to direct better design and policy‑making changes for online communities.